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Carers Watch

Carers Watch

The easy-to-use Find-me Carers Watch offers dignity and peace of mind, by providing  as much or as little support as needed.

Like a mobile phone, the Find-me Carers Watch offers direct two-way communication and assists to locate people using GPS technology.

New Watch for just $ 529.10 plus $56/month for monitoring or
a rental watch monitored for $75.75/month

Key Features

The Find-Me Carers Watch does much more than tell time! The watch can help make and call and receive calls, like a mobile phone, and help you locate and monitor your loved one, with features that can be customised to provide as little or as much support as you need.


The Find-Me Carers Watch’s built-in Fall Sensor will alert authorised carers (or the Tunstall Healthcare 24/7 specialist support centre) immediately if you slip or fall.


The watch helps carers to locate the wearer wherever there is mobile phone coverage. The inbuilt GPS is also 3G compatible. As an authorised user, a carer can monitor the location and safety of the wearer at any time through our web interface.


Find-Me’s Technologies has an easy-to-use web interface that allows carers to establish safe zones, and destination alerts. This will notify up to five authorised users if the wearer has left the safe zone, and can advise users once a wearer has arrived at a specified destination.


The Find-Me Carers Watch includes an easy-to-use, magnetic charging pad. Simply place the watch on the magnetic charging pad and our clever design will ensure it goes on the right way every time. There’s no need to change the batteries or struggle with tiny phone plugs and power cords. Charging typically takes less than two hours. What a breeze!


If your loved one (or someone else) takes off the Find-Me Carers Watch, this unique device can notify up to five users, giving you peace of mind.


Carers can set a maximum speed on the Find-Me Carers Watch, ensuring they are notified if the wearer exceeds this speed, such as by entering a moving vehicle.


The Find-Me Carers Watch has a built-in mobile phone and sim that is compatible with the 3G network. It can call two preprogrammed numbers, as well as the 24/7 Tunstall Healthcare specialist call centre. The watch can also be set to receive calls from any phone.


By ordering a watch through our distribution partners, Tunstall Healthcare, you can be connected to their 24/7 specialist call-monitoring services. That means your loved one will have help available from their expert team, any time of night or day.


The watch can give the wearer audible reminders to take important medications, with up to ten medication alerts each day. Wherever the wearer is, they are reminded to take their medicine at the appropriate time.


The latest Carers Watch can be worn in the shower, so once the watch has been put on in the morning, it can stay on all day instead of being left behind on the bathroom bench.


Our easy-to-use web interface has is designed so there are no tricky settings needed to set up or operate the Watch. All settings can be easily and quickly changed or customised on any device that is connected to the internet.


The watch’s battery life ensures that, with standard usage, the watch can be worn all day, with a simple recharge at night, using our easy-to-use magnetic charging pad.